“Turning a Delicious Dream into a Reality”

Bouvery Chocolate Liquer

Helping a brand owner from another industry turn his
dream/obsession into a real business.

The brand owner came to us with a work in progress product: a gluten-free vodka, blended with organic cocoa and natural flavors to create a rich dark chocolate liqueur. It was a decadent, unique product that we thought had real promise in the market. Once he had created the most delicious chocolate liqueur we had ever tasted, what he needed from SCG was a strategy about how to enter the US market and a financial model to support his successful launch.

Services Provided

  • Route to market strategy & financial plan
  • Financial model
  • Pricing strategy


    Spirits Consulting Group created a phased market entry plan and financial model which included initial market (states) selections, pricing strategy, team structure, channels and sales and marketing tactics. The brand is now in its 10th production run and expanding.
"Award Winning Rebranding"


The brand owners came to us because they wanted to launch their small production, all-natural sparkling sangria in the US market.

It was a beautiful product taste wise, but the problem was that it was in a package that was almost identical to another sangria brand that was already in the market. The second challenge was that they were using high quality ingredients which demanded a higher price point in the market where traditionally sangrias have been overly sweet, cheap and artificial. We needed to redo the package and create a brand strategy that reflected the premium ingredients of the brand. Once the package and brand strategy were complete, we needed to create the route to market strategy, the budget and the launch plan. Once launched, our challenge was to demonstrate that this was not just another cheap, sweet sangria but was a sophisticated product worthy of key accounts and pairing with food. We planned and executed a series of trade and consumer events to get liquid on lips and demonstrate the fun, sophisticated nature of the brand.

Services Provided

  • package re-design, 4 pack, outer carton & materials
  • Brand strategy & visual identity creation
  • Route to market strategy & financial model
  • Market launch plan & execution
  • Social media & Influencer management
  • U.S. marketing & brand management


  • Multiple package design awards
  • Created and managed digital footprint
  • Secured top tier distribution partner
  • executed over 100 trade activations in launch year
  • executed 45 influencer events FOR launch
  • Supported over 150 accounts in 2 major US markets


SCG was tapped by a hundred-year-old sake brewery who was selling their products in 33 countries to create a brand and product specifically for the US market. Our client wanted to respect authenticity of sake production and their family’s 5 generations of expertise, but they wanted a product that would appeal to an American consumer, not necessarily a sake consumer, and that could be sold in top bars and restaurants not only Japanese and sushi restaurants.

Our solution was to create an easily pronounceable brand name and a gorgeous bottle and package that would appeal to the U.S. consumer. We then worked with Sake sommeliers to choose the right taste profile for an American palette. Once the product was finished, we created a cocktail program that would facilitate bars and restaurants incorporation into their beverage programs. The results were several package designs awards and the introduction of the product into key accounts in California and New York City such as the Rainbow Room.

Services Provided

  • Created brand identity & strategy
  • Package & bottle design
  • Developed market launch strategy & financial plan
  • Trade marketing & cocktail program creation
  • digital marketing strategy
  • press and influencer management


  • design awards
  • trade influencer program, 23 press placements
  • Activated 18 top level accounts at launch
  • content strategy & development
  • designed all sales & educational material
  • Defined all target accounts & kpis for sales team