Artisan Spirit.

By July 22, 2016Press & Publications

The results are in: craft beer and artisan spirits are a hit with the consumer! The marketplace loves the variety and the opportunity to support local breweries and distilleries. Consumers might even have a friend or family member who has decided to brew their own beer or distill their own gin. The craft boon has created jobs, brought about an increase of suppliers for dry and wet goods, but in turn, created new challenges.

Though these challenges are a good sign for the industry, all this choice can create clutter and confusion for the consumer and a big challenge for the retailer. A bar only has so many taps and so much back bar space. Liquor stores, particularly in metropolitan areas, have limited shelf and storage space and the top liquor retailers know that they need to be informed about the products they are selling. Consumers with too many options can start to see a blur of one big mass of “craft products” without establishing a connection with any individual brand.
– Susan Mooney SCG CEO

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